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Easter in Europe! Passover, too! 1:12:47

Published by: Anonymous User

Easter is the child of Passover

No two countries celebrate Easter alike.  “Easter” is actually almost two months of celebrations and dedications, culminating in Easter Sunday. Traditions  of different Christian denominations — Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox — may emphasize cultural and creedal differences of the importance of pre-Easter weekend preparations, but all place the death and resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus) as the central observance of the Christian faith. This is the event of Easter weekend —Christ is risen! 

Passover is the central observance of the Jewish faith, and its practice goes back at least two thousand years before Christ — which means it’s a 4 thousand year annual religious tradition. As a Jew, Yeshua observed Passover the week of his death. Today, because Jewish and Gentile/Christian calendar are based on different time keeping systems, Passover is not always celebrated the same week as Easter. But sometimes they are! 

I did not find a Passover video for you, so you will need to watch the Jerusalem overview. We are not Jewish but this city (and Isreal) has some family history attached.