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The Florentine Renaissance 18:22

Published by: Zoe (Rick Steves' Europe) | School: Rick Steves' Europe

Florence kicked off the Renaissance in the early 1400s. Join Rick on a tour of the Duomo where you’ll climb to the top of Brunelleschi’s dome for a grand view of the city and get an up-close look at Ghiberti’s "Gates of Paradise” of the Baptistry.

Learn how the Medici, a powerful, art-loving family of wealthy bankers (and three popes), helped fund the Renaissance.

Visit the Uffizi Gallery (the former offices of the Medici family), which holds a stunning collection of Italian art from the 12th through the 17th centuries with works by the greats: Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

The Accademia Gallery features Michelangelo's "David." The Renaissance was an age of humanism, and this statue is a celebration of man.