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Germany's Castles: Burg Eltz, Rheinfels, and Neuschwanstein 15:28

Published by: Zoe (Rick Steves' Europe) | School: Rick Steves' Europe

Join Rick as he visits three of his favorite castles in Germany — the remote and beautifully preserved Burg Eltz, the ruined but powerful Rheinfels, and the 19th-century fantasy of Neuschwanstein.

Notes to Viewers

The sleepy Mosel River contrasts the mighty Rhine. Its Burg Eltz is the region’s best-preserved castle (with a rare furnished interior), providing the perfect opportunity to learn about feudalism in medieval Europe.

Learn about the challenges of medieval trade on the mighty Rhine — from robber barons to the legendary seductress Loreley — and compare it with modern-day navigation. Explore the once-powerful Rheinfels Castle and riverside village of Bacharach.

“Mad” King Ludwig II of Bavaria was a political misfit but a creative dreamer. His fantasy castle, Neuschwanstein, is a textbook example of 19th-century Romanticism in Germany that inspired Walt Disney.