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French Fries in Belgium


"French fries" are actually Flemish fries, born in Belgium. And Belgians take them very seriously. The potatoes are peeled fresh, cut up, cooked twice, and salted lightly.

Complete Video Script

Working up an appetite, you’ll be tempted by the smell of French fries. Called Flemish fries here; they’re a local specialty. And in Belgium fries are an art form, taken very seriously.

Rick: Who made the first fry?
Clerk: Belgium.
Clerk: This potato was peeled this morning, cut in pieces, and put in that fat.
Rick: You actually cook it in the grease two times?
Clerk: Two times. Once in that, then it rests here, and afterwards, the second time, high temperature. Low temperature, resting, cooling, high temperature.
Rick: These are forming a skin right now?
Clerk: Yes. You see, these fries are swimming like fishes in the fat. See? You hear it? They are talking. You hear it?
Rick: I hear it, yes. What are they saying?
Clerk: Oh, that they are ready to be eaten.
Clerk: What do you need more? Taste one, please.
Rick: Is it hot?
Clerk: Use the top of the fingers, because it’s hot, yes.
Rick: Umm…
Clerk: Only a little bit of salt on it, and it’s perfect.