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Intro to the Art of The Modern Age Show


The open for the Rick Steves Art of Europe hour on the Modern Age includes a sweep through the highlights of that story from dramatic Romanticism to breezy Impressionism to the wild and rule-breaking isms of the 20th century.

Complete Video Script

[3] The last roughly two centuries — from the mid-1800s on — have seen unprecedented change: advances in technology, the march of democracy, as well as two horrific world wars. And the art reflecting this age has been as turbulent, exciting, and dynamic as the times.

[4 Montage] We'll start with art that gave voice to the struggles for freedom…and art that celebrated the Industrial Revolution. Then, trace how dreamy Romantics countered that by reveling in nature… and legends. We'll follow the rapid evolution of styles, from sun-splashed Impressionism to sinuous Art Nouveau. We'll see art capturing the horror of war…how art mirrored wild times…celebrated Europe's modern dynamism…and reflects our ever-changing world.