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Milan’s La Scala Opera House

Milan, Italy

Milan’s famed opera house hosts grand operas in all their glory, including works by Giuseppe Verdi, the greatest of Italy’s romantic composers. An on-site museum displays memorabilia of composers and conductors, and gives visitors a view of the plush theater.

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Milan is home to possibly the world's most prestigious opera house, La Scala. While tickets are pricey and tough to get, anyone can visit the museum which comes with a peek at the plush theater often getting set for the next performance. Since it opened in 1778, La Scala has been committed to hosting the grandest of operas in all their intended glory.

The La Scala museum collection features things that mean absolutely nothing to the MTV crowd: Toscanini's eyeglasses, well-worn batons, Caruso's bust, original scores, and much more. The halls are alive with memories of the great composers and musicians that made this the ultimate opera scene. For over two centuries, Milan's glitterati has enjoyed breathtaking performances by the biggest names in opera from Maria Callas all the way back to Verdi.

Giuseppi Verdi was the greatest of the romantic Italian opera composers. And in the 19th century, his name meant far more than music. He was a champion of the Italian unification movement. Back when flying an Italian flag could get you in trouble, Verdi's arias served as virtual national anthems.