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Norway’s Great Composer, Edvard Grieg

Bergen, Norway

We visit Edvard Grieg’s home at Troldhaugen, just outside Bergen. His music was a unique Norwegian mix of folk tunes and dramatic Romanticism. Concerts are performed daily at his home, with the fjordside view that inspired the nature-loving composer.

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A park-like esplanade leads to the national theater. Fountains celebrating cultural icons provide popular meeting places. In the late 19th century, Norway's greatest artists and musicians called Bergen home. This fountain is dedicated to the beloved violinist, Olle Bull.

And just outside of town, is Troldhaugen, the home of Norway's greatest composer, Edvard Grieg.

Touring his home takes you back to the Romantic age when Grieg was a major player among European composers. Guides explain how Grieg and his wife entertained cultural big shots who traveled from all corners to visit this Norwegian musical genius.

And when the composer wanted to work, he had his escape — a peaceful cabin complete with fjord-side inspiration. Composing at the turn of the 20th century, Grieg fused simple Norwegian folk tunes with the flamboyance of Europe's Romantic style.

Today, in the one-with-nature concert hall, visitors drop in to midday performances by local musicians. With a setting like this, Grieg fans become tuned into nature and nature lovers become tuned in to Grieg.

And Grieg's music captures that rich and poignant mix of nature and culture that is so uniquely Norwegian.