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Art Series Conclusion


This park in Oslo, filled with countless naked bronze and concrete figures representing all the stages of life, is a fitting conclusion for Rick Steves Art of Europe, a six-hour sweep through the story of Europe’s art.

Complete Video Script

[131, Statues by Gustav Vigeland in Frogner Park, Oslo] This public park in Oslo, a lovely place to end our journey through Europe's art, lets us feel the pulse of Europe today.

[132] People go about their everyday lives amid the wonders of nature, while enjoying art that celebrates the stages of human life…from birth…to love…to death. Its centerpiece is a tangle of figures that rockets skyward.

[133] Art connects us with our past and points the way forward. Like these timeless figures, we're all in this together, spiraling upward and onward toward…who knows? It's the forever unfolding story of our lives — the mystery that finds expression in art.

[134] Art is oxygen to the creative spirit…a form of human expression that goes back to the beginnings of civilization itself. I'm Rick Steves. Thanks for celebrating with us the art of Europe.