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Baroque Music, Bernini for Your Ears


This 90-second mini piano concert demonstrates how Baroque composers like Bach and Scarlatti — with their dueling melodies and frilly trills can be like Bernini for your ears. Music holds hands with the visual arts as we parade through the ages.

Complete Video Script

[58, Rick played Invention No. 8 by Bach and Sonata in D Major (K96, Longo 465) by Scarlatti] By the way, the music of this period — Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, they all lived at the same time — is like Bernini for your ears. We've been talking about the visual arts. But I like to remember that all the arts — and that includes music — are in sync. They hold hands as they walk through the ages. In terms of Baroque music, you're likely to hear two melodies dancing together like this Bach invention…[music] And another feature of Baroque is ornamentation. And in music that means trills. Check out this Scarlatti…[music] Boy, if you're gonna play Baroque music…it's good to have ruffles on your sleeves.

[59] The Baroque style dominated much of Europe throughout this age. Whether it was found in the highly ornamented music of the day — its grandiose churches…over-the-top palaces…dramatic statues…or bubbling fountains — Baroque art was designed to have an emotional impact…and it still does.