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Education is a Prerequisite to Development


Education leads to greater productivity and employment. A trained workforce can be a major resource. And to get in on today's global economy, it's essential.

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Education is critical. Governments, private enterprise, and parents are realizing that an educated work force is a prerequisite for development in today's global economy.

In terms of pure economy, workers are considered "human capital," and they produce more when healthy and educated. Like many developing nations, Ethiopia aspires for all children to have about eight years of schooling. In both countries, we saw committed teachers and eager students.

Development workers have learned the value of education for girls. Girls with an education gain more control of their lives. Educated women have fewer children. And when they do start a family, their children are generally healthier.

Even with meager resources, it seems that as long as students are healthy and adequately nourished, they're eager to learn. They know that a better future depends on being able to read and write.

For these students, a few months of vocational training prepares them to get a job: Computer labs, welding skills, plumbing, and a field with lots of future employment: being a solar panel technician.