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Intro to The Art of Middle Ages Show


The open for the Rick Steves Art of Europe hour on the Middle Ages with a montage taking you through the highlights of that thousand-year story.

Complete Video Script

[3] The Middle Ages spanned a thousand years, from about 500 to 1500. The first half was a time of relative poverty and economic stagnation. then, around the year 1000, Europe rebounded. That story — its turmoil and triumphs — is reflected in the magnificent art and architecture of the age.

[4 Montage] We start after the fall of Rome, as the flickering flame of civilization was kept alive in monasteries and fortress-like churches. We'll see how Europe was invigorated by neighbors on the fringes — from Christian Byzantium to Islamic Spain to the pagan Vikings of the north. Then we step into the High Middle Ages, marveling at formidable castles, radiant Gothic cathedrals, and art that both dazzled the faithful and celebrated secular life as Europeans approached the dawn of a new age.