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Eating Out in Florence

Florence, Italy

Europe’s best restaurants are run by people who love their work. Rick and his son Andy enjoy dinner — a parade of plates paired with wines by the exuberant Bobo. They savor an antipasto extravaganza, deer ham, wild boar sausage, and more.

Complete Video Script

Back out on the streets, it’s fun to think that today, even a tourist can eat better than princes and dukes of centuries past.

My son Andy’s taking time out from his travels to join us for a convivial Florentine dinner at Trattoria Tito.

My favorite restaurants in Europe have a common thread: they’re run by people who love their work. And Bobo, with his grande personality, runs this place with exuberance. Tonight, we’re going with his recommendation: the antipasto extravaganza. A parade of plates…with wine to match.

Knowing what I’ll be eating, he recommends a wine that complements the food.

Bobo: Dry enough to clean the mouth with salamis, with the fats of the salamis.

Bobo, the consummate professional, tests the wine to make sure.

Bobo: I think it’s perfect….OK, this is the pecorino cheese, aged in caves for 12 months, and is perfect to eat with the honey or with fava beans. You have to get a fava bean, you have to break it, push out the bean…’K?
Rick: Look at that! That’s nice!
Bobo: Eat it and…with a piece of pecorino cheese. It’s perfect.

Bobo takes time from his busy schedule to make sure the wine will still compliment the fava beans…what dedication!

Bobo: It’s not a typical Florentine starter without bruschettas — or “crostini,” as we call them. We have crostini with seasonal mushrooms and then the lard, lardo de colonnata; spice it with black pepper and rosemary. And then the bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and garlic. We have the typical Florentine liver paté. I think it’s time to change the wine.

I was just about to suggest that….

Bobo: …Syrah, and it would be perfect with stronger cheeses and with the wild meats. Enjoy! I’m working!

Bobo certainly loves his work.

Bobo: Here you go. OK. This is wild salamis. This is deer salami. This one is wild boar shoulder; this one is wild boar cheeks. Deer ham and wild boar sausages! Enjoy them with the wine.

Oh, boy — here comes another wine change.

Bobo: OK. OK. This is the vin santo. And these are our homemade Florentine biscuits with almonds. So you dip ’em in the sweet wine for five seconds…
Rick: Uno, due, tre, quattro
Bobo: Cinque…and then you eat them.

The perfect end to a fantastic meal…thanks to Bobo.